Brie Larson is actively negotiating for a role in Star Wars

Brie Larson has been trying to break into the Star Wars universe for a long time.

Once upon a time, the actress claimed Rey’s role in The Force Awakens by J.J. Abrams, but in recent years, her surname has increasingly appeared in connection with the new films of the saga. Especially rumours intensified after the news that at least one of the cult galactic franchise projects will be dealt with by the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.

Disney and Lucasfilm are currently in active development with several tapes and a dozen series for the streaming service. The closest full-length films in the series will be Patty Jenkins’s blockbuster Rogue Squadron, slated for Christmas 2023, and Taika Waititi’s mysterious production, which will only be released December 2025.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, the actress is indeed talking about participating in one of the projects. Still, Disney is carefully hiding the details, so all the details will be known only when the time comes. It is not known whether this is a film or one of the series.

Next year, Larson will be filming the sequel to Captain Marvel, directed by Nia DaCosta. The comic strip’s sequel about the brave Carol Danvers’ adventures will be released in theatres on November 11, 2022.

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