Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston to be Positive for Coronavirus

Bryan Cranston told his Instagram followers that he contracted the coronavirus. The 64-year-old actor noted that he was in a mild form and that wearing “these damn masks” is really necessary.

The first celebrities to contract the coronavirus were Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, who have long since recovered. Also, actress Marion Cotillard and her husband Guillaume Canet were ill with COVID-19 – they also had mild symptoms. But the singer Pink picked up the virus together with a young son, whose disease did not go so easily:

Everyone said that he was not dangerous to young children. But in reality, there are no guarantees. No one is immune to the virus. For several nights I just cried. And I never prayed so much.

Pink says that the baby was harder than her:

He was very ill, and it was very scary. Yes, and I myself, for the first time in 30 years, despite my asthma, used a nebulizer.

But now Pink and her baby are healthy.

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