Bradley Cooper spent time with his daughter Lea in New York

While 35-year-old Irina Shayk is busy filming in Milan, 46-year-old Bradley Cooper traditionally took care of her daughter Lea. While the model prepares for presenting the new Versace collection in Milan, Bradley took three-year-old Leia for a walk in New York’s West Village.

Dad and daughter, it seems, decided to devote the day to outdoor games and draw – in the hands of Leah and Bradley, they were holding several sheets with multi-coloured ornaments. The girl was dressed in an elegant pink dress with frills to have attended a children’s party that day.

On March 21, the girl will celebrate her fourth birthday, and on this day, both Bradley and Irina will certainly be freed from all affairs to spend it all together. Although celebrities are more often chronicled individually, sometimes the actor and model are noticed on joint walks with Leia. According to insiders, complete understanding and peace reign between Irina and Bradley.

They have a very cordial and friendly relationship. The daughter’s joint upbringing by the schedule does not bring problems, and they respect each other very much – an insider noted.

Neither Cooper nor Shayk is in a hurry to comment on their relationship, but their rare joint pictures are also quite eloquent. Former lovers always warmly greet each other when they meet and resolve their daughter’s joint custody peacefully.

Irina also noted that she seeks not to leave Lea for a long time, but at the same time, it is important for her that the girl knows about her work.

“I always try not to leave my daughter for more than a week, but I also want to be honest with myself because I love my job, and I grew up in a family where women were in charge. I want my daughter to know that her mother has a job because I want to grow a strong and confident woman out of her, ” Shayk admitted in an interview.

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