Bradley Cooper reacted negatively to the relationship between Irina Shayk and Kanye West

An insider told In Touch how Bradley Cooper reacted to the news that his former lover Irina Shayk is now dating Kanye West. It turns out that Cooper sees this relationship as a threat.

The American actor and the Russian model have been together for about four years. Although they never legalized the relationship, the couple had a daughter, Leia de Sien. Bradley fears the heightened attention Shayk will inevitably receive amid Kanye’s ongoing divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian.

“It’s only a matter of time before all this will affect the life of his daughter Leah, and [Bradley] is very protective of his daughter,” the anonymous told reporters.

He also added that Bradley Cooper will be happy if Irina starts a new relationship, but he is not satisfied with who she is trying to build them with now. The actor hates all the public attention that Shayk will receive while she is with Kanye.

By the way, Cooper himself rarely appeared at events with Irina and carefully concealed the details of family life. Bradley worried that Leia would be branded for being the daughter of celebrities, but with Kanye, things go to a whole new level of publicity. The actor doesn’t want this for Leia.

Recall that rumors that the 44-year-old rapper and the 35-year-old model were dating appeared back in April. The couple was later spotted together in Provence on Kanye’s birthday.

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9 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper reacted negatively to the relationship between Irina Shayk and Kanye West”

    • True but everyone acts as if Kanye actually likes being in the lights these days!! All throughout his career he has proven he doesn’t like the paparazzi, let alone ppl in his business

  1. Hats off to Bradley for wanting to protect his daughter from the downside of celebrity life as long as he can. Kids should be able to be kids for as long as possible without the outside world knowing what they ate for lunch and where they ate it.

  2. She is her own person. She is a mother and certainly doesn’t need Cooper’s consent to engage in a relationship any more than Cooper needs hers.

  3. Cooper took off to live his own life and left his 2 beautiful girls.
    Now he expects things to be a certain way and wants to control them.
    Too bad Cooper you should have stayed with your 2 girls!
    You are not getting younger!


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