Brad Pitt performs 95% of his own stunts

Stunt coordinator Greg Rementer, who is on the set of Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train, was interviewed by Vulture, in which he said that the actor performs 95% of the stunts on his own. According to Graham, the 57-year-old actor has minimized his replacement by a stuntman.

“He did almost all the stunts himself, especially in the fight scenes. He is a natural athlete. He does everything very well, ” said Rementer.

By the way, the project’s cast is no less impressive: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Zazie Bitz, Michael Shannon, Logan Lerman, Lady Gaga, Masi Oka, and Sandra Bullock star in the film together with Pitt.

Recall that Bullet Train is a film adaptation of the novel by Japanese writer Kotaro Isaki, which tells about five hired killers who find themselves in one bullet train from Tokyo to Morioka. The project was announced back in the summer of 2020, and filming began in October of the same year. David Leitch directs the film.

Author: Sam Smith
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