Brad Pitt is being sued for fraud and unjustified hopes

Texas resident Kelly Christina filed a lawsuit against Brad Pitt and demands from him 100 thousand dollars. She claims that he said that he would marry her, and in the end “divorced” her for a lot of money.

Kelly says she paid the actor $ 40,000 to appear five times at events she organized for his Make It Right Foundation, which builds homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. According to her, Pitt violated the agreement and now owes her 100 thousand. Also, Kelly states that between her and Brad “there was such a close relationship” that they talked about the wedding.

However, Pitt’s lawyer claims that Christina was brutally tricked by an internet fraudster who impersonated Brad Pitt. The actor’s side insists that he has never had an affair with Christina and has filed an application to dismiss the case.

Neither the Make It Right Foundation nor Mr. Pitt entered into an agreement with the plaintiff,

– say the actor’s lawyers.

Meanwhile, the Actor is still trying to resolve the issue of custody of him and Angelina Jolie as children. Now it looks like Jolie wants more authority. Therefore, at the upcoming court hearing, the actor wants to involve Angelina’s former colleague Gillian Armenante as a witness, as well as psychologists, psychotherapists, security consultants, and achieve equal powers with his wife in the matter of custody.

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