Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock captured on the set of “Bullet Train”

The film industry is slowly but surely returning to its usual work after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. So, the shooting of “Bullet ​​Train” is in full swing, and everyone on the set is very busy, including the main stars of the project – Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock.

Photos have appeared on the web of how the Oscar winners are peacefully talking against the backdrop of burning debris. Judging by the soot on Brad’s hands and the very realistic cut across the entire chest, his character was badly hit.

Fans noted that in between takes, both Pitt and Bullock wear transparent face shields, not masks. Some have suggested that this was done so as not to spoil the make-up before the next take.

According to fans, Sandra Bullock recently joined the project, but this has already added points to the future picture. Director David Leitch, who directed the first film in the John Wick franchise, has put together a truly stellar team for his project. In addition to Pitt and Bullock, Oscar-winning Lady Gaga, Emmy-nominated Zazie Bitz, Golden Globe laureate Aaron Taylor-Johnson will also appear in the frame.

The script of the film is based on a comic about hired killers locked in a high-speed train. Each has its own goal, but meetings on the same territory will lead to unexpected consequences.

By the way, Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock’s peak of popularity coincided in time, but the actors have never crossed paths on the set. “Bullet train” will be their first joint project.

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