BossLogic artist presented a teaser for the series “Loki”

Digital artist BossLogic has long been known for his love of superheroes. His Instagram account is awash with all sorts of comic book art and videos, and his work is greatly appreciated by fans. The author already has more than two million subscribers, and this figure is growing every day, and in gratitude, he pleases fans with new works.

Recently BossLogic shared an interesting video that looks like a teaser for one of the most anticipated Marvel TV series – “Loki”. According to the artist’s idea, the letters of the hero’s name are collected from his “titles”. In the video, the phrases “Lord of Deception”, “King of Jotunheim” and “Impostor of Asgard” appear in turn, and then the initial letters gather around an ornate “O”, and the word “Loki” appears in front of fans.

Longing for the news from Marvel, viewers reacted violently to the appearance of the video. “Dude, I love it!” – wrote one of the artist’s fans. “Looks better than the official logo!” – noticed another. “For a second I thought this was the official teaser! I’m very proud of you, ”wrote a third fan.

It is not yet clear whether BossLogic really made the video just in a spiritual impulse, or Marvel asked him for such a subtle advertisement, but it turned out great anyway. Filming for “Loki” was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic and the show has no release date, so this video has really helped fans brighten up the bad times.

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