Boris Johnson named his son after the doctors who saved his life

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, named his son in honor of the two doctors who saved his life when he was in the intensive care unit after being infected with the novel coronavirus. This was announced on Saturday on his page on Instagram, the bride of Prime Minister Carrie Simonds, who gave birth to a child on Wednesday.

“I present to you Wilfred Louri Nicholas Johnson, born April 29, 2020, at nine o’clock in the morning,” Simonds wrote. “Wilfred is named after Boris’s grandfather, Lauri is named after my grandfather, and Nicholas is named after doctors Nick Price and Nick Hart, who saved Boris’s life last month.”

The head of the British Cabinet was present at the birth of his son and intends to take paternity leave after the country overcomes the crisis caused by the pandemic. The Prime Minister has four adult children from a previous marriage.

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