Boris Johnson is being asked to explain who paid for the renovation of his residence

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become the hero of a new high-profile scandal — this time in connection with the costs of repairing a government apartment in Downing Street. To people in many other countries, the size and nature of possible abuse may seem like nonsense, but for Britain, this is a serious matter.

On Wednesday, the British Electoral Commission, which monitors party finances, launched an investigation into the renovation of an apartment in the Prime Minister’s residence. He fought off accusations and questions on the subject in parliament. “There are reasonable grounds to suspect a violation or violations of the rules,” the Election Commission said.

The essence of the accusations against Johnson is that he and his life partner Carrie Symonds paid for part of the costly repairs to the government residence in Downing Street at the expense of a private donation of 58 thousand pounds from a donor to the Conservative Party-and did not declare this donation. The prime minister himself replies that he paid for everything himself, but his critics do not consider this an exhaustive answer: there are nuances.

This is the third scandal to hit Boris Johnson in recent days. Another one concerns Johnson’s allegedly uttered words a year ago that “a mountain of corpses” is preferable to a new hard lockdown. In addition, the press is actively discussing accusations against the prime minister in the intention to hush up an internal investigation into the “leak” of the government’s plans to introduce coronavirus restrictions so as not to anger Carrie Simmonds. However, the last two scandals have not yet resulted in anything as tangible as an Election Commission investigation.

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