Boring Company Shows First Pictures of Vacuum Train Station

The Boring Company first published a video from the station for the LVCC Loop. The project will start working in 2021.

The Boring Company first showed its station inside a tunnel under Las Vegas. It will be used in the LVCC Loop high-speed underground system for transporting people worth $ 52.5 million. On Twitter, the company shared a short video showing one of the future stations.

Engadget journalists note that work at the station is not over yet. For example, there are no markings and lines on her floor, and the lighting is most likely not yet final. However, this is the first teaser of the station, which should be fully operational in the city by 2021.

The Boring Company last showed its work when it completed excavation in the first of two LVCC tunnels. Musk announced in September that the first fully operational tunnel under the city was almost complete. The Office of Transportation noted that they want to complete the project’s initial phase by January 2021. The project will be fully presented by the end of 2021.

The transport system customer was the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA), and this is the first commercial project of The Boring Company. However, the company noted that the LVCC Loop project is just the beginning of what may eventually turn into an extensive network of tunnels stretching all the way to Los Angeles. SpaceX and The Boring Company are headquartered there.

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