Boom and Rolls-Royce sign contract to develop engine for a supersonic airliner

Boom Supersonic and Rolls-Royce have signed an agreement to develop an engine for the promising Overture supersonic passenger aircraft.

The American aerospace company Boom Supersonic and the British industrial and technological Rolls-Royce have announced an agreement aimed at defining the shape of the power plant of the promising Overture airliner.

One of the main goals is to find out if existing technologies can be integrated into Overture. Note that Rolls-Royce is now one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers: the engines developed by it have been used on a variety of airliners, including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

In parallel with the development of the Overture propulsion system, Boom will be testing the aircraft’s technology demonstrator, the XB-1. In April of this year, Boom docked the wing and fuselage of the demonstrator. As a possible date for the start of flight tests, it was previously called 2020.

The production Overture will resemble the decommissioned Concorde. Fifty passengers can be accommodated onboard. The aircraft can be put into operation in the second half of the 2020s.