Bolton said that Trump asked XI Jinping to help him with his re-election

In his memoirs, the former assistant to the President for national security pointed out that the American leader stressed the importance of farmers ‘ influence and China’s increased purchases of soybeans and wheat on the election result.

US leader Donald Trump asked Chinese President XI Jinping last year to help him with re-election to the post of the Room Where It Happened: a White House Memoir, which has not yet been published. The Washington Post cites excerpts from it on Wednesday.

According to Bolton, during a bilateral meeting at the G20 summit in Japan last June, XI Jinping complained to Trump about criticism of China in the United States. According to the book, “trump immediately assumed that Xi [Jinping] was referring to the Democrats.” “Trump approvingly said that there is a lot of hostility [to China] among the Democrats,” the former presidential aide said.

“He then stunningly switched the conversation to the upcoming US presidential election, hinting at China’s economic ability to influence [trump’s] current [election] campaign, imploring Xi [Jinping] to ensure his victory,” the book says. “He stressed the importance of farmers’ influence and China’s increased purchases of soybeans and wheat on the election result.”

Bolton was prepared to quote the American leader, but, as he writes in his memoirs, he was forbidden to do so.

Earlier, the US Department of Justice sued Bolton in connection with the upcoming publication of his memoirs about working in the White House. The US authorities accuse the author of violating the obligations that he assumed when he became an assistant to the President, namely, the disclosure of classified information.

Bolton’s book was supposed to be published in March, but its publication was delayed first until May and then until June 23. On January 23, the white house national security Council sent a notice to Bolton’s lawyer, Charles Cooper, stating that the book contains information constituting state secrets, and therefore cannot be published in its current form. Critics also believe that the White House is trying to prevent the publication of the full text of the memoir, to prevent damage to the President’s positions in the run-up to the upcoming elections in November.

Author: Steve Cowan
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