Bolton in his book sharply criticized Trump’s foreign policy

John Bolton, who was US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser in 2018-2019, in his book The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir sharply criticizes trump’s foreign policy, according to the book’s annotation by Simon & Schuster.

“What Bolton saw (in the White House) struck him as a President who only cared if he was re-elected or not, even if it meant danger or weakening the country,” the publisher writes.

Bolton says that the House of Representatives, which impeached Trump on suspicion of abuse of power, itself, committed a violation because it was too fixated on the “Ukrainian case” about Trump’s alleged pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Such violations of Trump, according to Bolton, were numerous across the entire spectrum of foreign policy.

“It shows a President who developed a dependency on chaos, who welcomed our enemies and repelled friends, and was often deeply suspicious of the authorities of his own country,” the publisher writes.

“He found a President who thought foreign policy was like closing a real estate deal, dealing with personal relationships, intended for television bravado and promoting personal interests. As a result, the US has lost the ability to counter the deepening threats, and in the case of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea have become even more vulnerable,” the editors write.

Bolton’s book is due out on June 23. Its publication was repeatedly delayed after the White House stated that Bolton was going to publish classified information.

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