Bolton delivered an ultimatum to the Venezuelan army

Before the Venezuelan army is a choice: to go to the side of the opposition or face isolation, said the adviser to the US President John Bolton. New sanctions may be announced next week.

Venezuela may face new sanctions if its military does not “take the side of democracy”. This was written in his Twitter adviser to the President of the United States on national security John Bolton.

“Venezuela’s military has a choice: to embrace democracy, protect civilians, and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid; or they will face even greater sanctions and isolation,” Bolton wrote.

The Agency, citing an anonymous source in the US administration, reports that the White House may announce new sanctions against Caracas next week. The reason for this may be the continued blocking of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the country. On Monday, February 25, the US Vice President Mike Pence and a number of leaders of Latin American States will discuss the situation in Venezuela in the Colombian capital Bogota.

The delivery of humanitarian aid to the borders of Venezuela is organizing the opposition, led by the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela Juan Guaido. Venezuelan authorities call the opposition’s actions a provocation, accusing the United States and its opponents of trying to deliver weapons to the country under the guise of humanitarian aid. The opposition is trying to deliver cargo to Venezuela across the border of Colombia and Venezuela.

The authorities have already closed the border with Brazil. On the border with Colombia, activists are opposed by the military, deployed on the orders of Nicolas Maduro. Several trucks with humanitarian aid were burned.

A ship from Puerto Rico was also sent to Venezuela with humanitarian aid. On February 23, it stopped in international waters near Venezuela’s borders. Its further progress is hampered by military vessels sent to intercept. According to Primera Hora, the military threatens to open fire on the ship if it violates the boundaries of territorial waters.

Author: Flyn Braun
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