Boeing’s tanker drone makes its first flight

Boeing engineers have presented an autonomous drone that can refuel aircraft. Because of them, pilots can concentrate on their direct duties.

The company’s researchers noted that in the future, people might stop participating in aircraft refueling. Boeing has launched a test version of its MQ-25 unmanned tanker aircraft with a refueling capsule attached to it. The first test flight, which lasted 2.5 hours, showed that the device was working properly, and the engineers did not find any errors.

The test drone is the forerunner of a full-fledged engineering development that will take Boeing one step closer to the finished device.

The US Navy wants to order more than 70 MQ-25 drones, which will take on the role of tankers of the F / A-18 Hornet military aircraft. Robotic aircraft must reduce the weight of these aircraft so that they can perform military missions more efficiently. Pilots, on the other hand, will not worry about fuel and concentrate on their direct responsibilities.

Earlier, in mid-November 2020, the Ministry of Transport said it was ready to permit drones to move in common airspace on a par with human-crewed aircraft. On December 9, the Gaskar Group announced that it had developed the first autonomous dropouts in Russia, which were named HIVE.

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