Boeing slows the production of 737 MAX aircraft

The American aerospace corporation Boeing has suspended the construction of four Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and is postponing the start of fuselage assembly for another 16 airliners of this model. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the sources of the publication, we are talking about the holding Spirit AeroSystems, which produces fuselages and other parts for Boeing. The corporation asked the holding to suspend work on the fuselages of four 737 MAXs and not begin assembling the hulls of another 16 such aircraft. Boeing management does not want to create an excessive number of such airliners in the face of a sharp decline in demand for them and the suspension of their flights. The corporation is not sure what the leading airlines will do, whether they will order the new 737 MAX or whether they will opt for the old proven aircraft.

Build 737 MAX was suspended in January and resumed in May. The corporation reserves 450 finished aircraft of this model.

Operation of the Boeing 737 MAX was suspended after two disasters. March 10, 2019 in Ethiopia crashed a Boeing 737 MAX 8 airline Ethiopian Airlines, killing 157 people. October 29, 2018, 189 people became victims of the crash of an aircraft of a similar model of Lion Air in Indonesia.

Boeing management acknowledged that in both cases on board the aircraft before they crashed, there was a malfunction in the system to improve maneuverability. After that, many countries, including Russia, the United States, and EU countries, for safety reasons, suspended the operation of aircraft of this series.