Boeing received just one order in a month

The American Corporation Boeing received only one order for the plane in June, which is eight less than in the previous month, the company’s press service reported.

Since the beginning of the year, Boeing has ordered 59 aircraft.

In May, orders were received for nine Airliners; in April, the company did not receive any orders.

In June, ten aircraft were delivered, and in May – only four. This is the minimum since November 2008. Since the beginning of 2020, Boeing has delivered 70 aircraft, and in the second quarter – 20 aircraft.

In early July, the media reported that Boeing plans to stop production of Boeing 747 aircraft in two years.

Recall that the long-term crisis in Boeing began after two plane crashes with 737 MAX aircraft. In January 2020, the airline did not receive any orders for new Airliners, having stopped assembling the 737 MAX model aircraft.

In May, the airline laid off more than 6,700 employees. At the end of the month, deliveries of Boeing aircraft fell to a 12-year low. Production of 737 MAX Airliners was resumed only at the end of May.

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