Boeing has withdrawn from production the legendary “humpback” airliner

Production of the legendary “humpback” Boeing 747 airliner will be discontinued in 2022, the American Boeing Corporation announced on Wednesday.

“In light of the current dynamics and market prospects, we will complete production of the legendary 747 in 2022,” the company said in a statement published on its website.

Recall that on July 2, Bloomberg announced that Boeing will stop production of Boeing 747 aircraft in two years. The main reason why it was decided to abandon the production of the Boeing 747 is the insufficient number of routes that require two-deck Airliners with four engines.

The long-running crisis at Boeing began after two plane crashes with 737 MAX aircraft. In January 2020, the airline did not receive any orders for new Airliners, having stopped assembling the 737 MAX model aircraft.

In May, the airline laid off more than 6,700 employees. At the end of the month, deliveries of Boeing aircraft fell to a 12-year low. Production of 737 MAX Airliners was resumed only at the end of May.