Bodybuilding Champion was arrested in the gym for insults on social networks

Law enforcement authorities again showed interest in bodybuilding champion Shota Lobzhanidze, who was detained on June 19 at the circus during the Chain of Solidarity. According to his friends, employees of one of the law enforcement agencies in civilian clothes came to the fitness center, where Shota trained, handcuffed him, and, as it turned out later, took him home. The reason is allegedly due to insults on social networks.

Law enforcement officers in civilian clothes came to the hall on Bogdanovich’s Minsk street, handcuffed the athlete during training, and took him away in a light minibus.

According to one of the clients of the fitness center, in which everything happened, there were at least five employees in civilian clothes. She did not hear how they introduced themselves or explained the reason for their interest in the coach.

‘I did not see the moment when for the first time young people approached him, who came to the gym not to be engaged: they were wearing jeans, sweatshirts, masks. One of the young people was open-faced. I did not hear them introduce themselves or explain the reason for their visit. They just said, “Come along.” When the coach pulled out a phone to call, a young man who was without a mask and balaclava said: “Guys, we are working.” Coaches began to break, even though he did not resist.’

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