BMW prepares to test hydrogen crossovers

BMW has relied on hydrogen engines and is in full swing developing third-generation fuel cell aggregates, which are expected to be significantly cheaper than current counterparts.

The first such engines will be test cars created on the basis of X-series crossovers. We’ll remind you that the Bavarian automaker began work on creating the Hydrogen NEXT back in 2015, joining forces with Toyota.

As BMW Vice President, Hydrogen Technology, Fuel Cells, and Vehicle Projects, Dr. Jürgen Gouldner, said the new BMW i Hydrogen NEXT powerplant generates a peak of 374 hp. and consists of a fifth-generation eDrive unit (battery and electric motor), familiar from the iX3 model, a fuel cell, an electric converter and two hydrogen gas tanks with a high working pressure (700 bar).

It will take only three to four minutes to refuel the tanks, Jürgen Gouldner told Autocar. It is interesting that a high-power battery is designed in this circuit, including in order to briefly increase the engine output during sharp accelerations.

Trials of hydrogen prototypes of the BMW X5 are scheduled to begin in 2022, but the production of a serial modification is most likely to happen no earlier than 2025. The delay is also due to the lack of an extensive network of hydrogen gas stations.

Author: Flyn Braun
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