Blue Origin has successfully conducted another test of its suborbital spacecraft

In the role of the “passenger” was a dummy equipped with sensors, which was given the name Skywalker.

The American company Blue Origin completed on Wednesday the next 15th test of its New Shepard suborbital spacecraft successfully. The broadcast was conducted on the company’s website.

The launch of the launch vehicle with the ship took place at 12:49 on the East Coast of the United States. After 10 minutes and 10 seconds, after reaching the estimated altitude of 100 km, the capsule descended to the ground on parachutes. The separated carrier made a vertical landing on a special platform a little earlier-7 minutes and 23 seconds after the launch. “This is one of the smoothest landings [of the launch vehicle] that I have seen,” said the host of the broadcast.

In the role of the “passenger,” again acted equipped with sensors dummy in full human growth, given the name Skywalker, in honor of Luke Skywalker, one of the heroes of the movie “Star Wars.” The capsule also loaded more than 25 thousand postcards of the non-profit organization Club for the Future. Just before takeoff, the company’s employees briefly occupied the empty seats in the ship’s cockpit with checking the communication with the mission control center and simulating the pre-launch procedure that space tourists will undergo in the future.

New Shepard will be able to take six passengers or a payload onboard. After reaching the edge of space, tourists will be able to unbuckle their seat belts and spend about four minutes in a state of weightlessness. The company itself does not disclose how much a seat on the ship will cost, but experts believe that those who want to make a suborbital flight will have to pay 200-250 thousand dollars.

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