Blizzard releases Diablo 4 quarterly development report

Blizzard has released another quarterly report on the development of Diablo 4. This time, players were told about changes in the skill tree, character stats, weapons, affixes, and legendary items.

Skill tree
After internal testing and player feedback, Blizzard decided to stick with the new skill tree and develop it. The developers have increased the breakdown of related nodes so that players do not have to scan the entire tree in search of the necessary skills.

To encourage gamers to experiment, Blizzard added the ability to re-specialize active and passive skills, but for a fee. At the beginning of the game, the changing specialization will not be expensive, but as the character develops, both its cost and investment will increase.

Hero characteristics
Blizzard also decided to reduce the impact of items on character strength, returning to the early Diablo games’ classic RPG elements. The stat points obtained after increasing the level can be invested in strength, intelligence, dexterity, or willpower. With the help of skill points – skills are pumped. Players will be able to supplement character development with objects, but mainly the distribution of stat points and skills will affect the strength.

Many of the nodes in the class skill tree in Diablo 4 gain additional effects if stats reach a threshold. The player receives these nodes’ basic effect when he spends skill points on the opening, and the bonus effect is activated after increasing the desired basic characteristic to the appropriate level.

Weapons and equipment
To differentiate weapons from one another, Diablo 4 has added speed and personality to the weapon. As a result, light weapons will allow you to move and attack faster, while heavy weapons will do more damage due to a decrease in speed.

For the sake of diversity, Blizzard has increased the potential power of individual affixes on magic items so that players are not only hunting Legendaries. Diablo 4 devs have also increased the maximum affixes for rare and higher quality items at higher levels. Legendary mods for legendary items are now randomly generated, and Mythic items will be replaced with unique ones.

Legendary affixes work the same way as regular ones – they are randomly applied to different slots. Most are suitable for all characters, but players will come across unique ones for certain classes. Diablo 4 also makes a return to unique items that feature fixed affixes and themed class abilities.

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