Blinken said the US hopes for a more stable relationship with Russia

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Washington is counting on more stable relations with Russia and called for a repeat of cyberattacks against their country.

“As (US President) Biden told the head of the Kremlin, we hope to have a more stable and profitable relationship with Russia. We can work together on strategic topics such as arms control, cybersecurity, regional crises. But if Russia continues to attack us or act as it was with the attacks of SolarWinds, interference in our elections and aggression against Navalny, then we will answer. Not because we want conflicts, but because our values ​​and principles are dear to us. Russia should decide, “Blinken said in an interview. which was published on Tuesday by the Roman newspaper la Repubblica.

Speaking about relations with the Russian Federation, the Secretary of State focused on the topic of cybersecurity.

“When President Biden met with President (RF) Putin in Geneva, it was one of the main topics. We recently became the target of a major cyber extortion attack – aimed at our oil pipeline on the East Coast from a criminal group. Those responsible for this attack live in Russia. Therefore, we told Russia that no responsible state can give shelter or shelter to criminal associations responsible for cyberattacks for extortion purposes, “Blinken said.

According to a senior American politician, the US expects Russia to take action to prevent a repeat of such attacks. At the same time, he pointed out that strategic facilities related to water and electricity supply and public transport should be protected from cyber-attacks.

“We have clearly told this to Putin. We will see if there are results,” Blinken said.

The US Secretary of State paid significant attention to China. “It is important to understand that China is the most difficult country we deal with in our relationship. There are areas where it is an adversary, others where it is a rival, and there are areas where it is a partner. could define this type of relationship, “- said Blinken.

A number of major cyberattacks have taken place in the United States over the past six months, most notably attacks on SolarWinds and the Colonial Pipeline operator. The first of these attacks resulted in the compromise of networks in a number of government agencies, including ministries. The second attack caused a major pipeline shutdown and gasoline supply disruptions in the eastern United States.

Official Washington accused Russia of hacking SolarWinds and imposed sanctions, Moscow denies any involvement in the hacking. Biden previously stated that the Colonial Pipeline hack could have been carried out from Russia, although he emphasized that he did not have information that the Russian authorities were involved in this. The Russian embassy in Washington called the accusations against Russia over the Colonial Pipeline groundless.

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