Blinken discussed with Stoltenberg the withdrawal of the NATO contingent from Afghanistan

The US Secretary of State and the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Alliance also touched upon the problem of Russia’s activity near the borders of Ukraine.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on April 14. During the meeting, held at the Brussels headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance, the future of the NATO mission in Afghanistan was discussed.

The interlocutors stated that since the military of the countries that make up the North Atlantic Alliance entered Afghanistan together and were there together, reacting to changing circumstances, their withdrawal from this country should also be carried out jointly.

Blinken and Stoltenberg also raised the issue that Russia should immediately stop aggressive military preparations near the Ukrainian border and in the occupied Crimea. The US Secretary of State and the NATO Secretary-General stressed the need for continued NATO support for Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the meeting, Antony Blinken recalled that the decision to send a NATO contingent to Afghanistan was made 20 years ago – after the September 11 attacks – to punish those who attacked US citizens and ensure that Afghanistan will never again become a haven for terrorists.

“Together, we have achieved the goals we sought to achieve,” the US Foreign Minister said.

He noted that in the coming hours, President Biden would speak on this topic.

“I am here (in Brussels) to work closely with our allies… on implementing the principle that we have established from the very beginning: come together (to Afghanistan), respond together (to) changing circumstances and leave together,” the Secretary of State said.

The head of the State Department also pointed to the general concern of the alliance members about Russia’s actions near the border with Ukraine.

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