Blinken delivered a keynote speech on US foreign policy priorities

The Secretary of State called the fight against the coronavirus pandemic a top priority.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday delivered a keynote speech on the main directions of US foreign policy under the administration of President Joe Biden.

Blinken emphasized the importance of US participation and leadership in international affairs: “America has a unique ability to bring countries together to solve problems that no country can solve alone.”

According to the Secretary of State, Biden believes that the best way to solve today’s problems is diplomacy, but at the same time, it is necessary to maintain military power. “Our ability to be effective diplomats depends in no small part on the strength of our army,” he said.

Blinken called the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the strengthening of the global health system a top priority, which will require cooperation between governments, scientists, companies, and people from around the world.

The second challenge is to overcome the economic crisis and build a more stable and inclusive global economy. “It is necessary to conduct competent political initiatives within the country while at the same time influencing the global economy so that it really has a positive impact on the American people. And I don’t just mean GDP and stock market growth… I mean good jobs, good incomes, and lower household maintenance costs for American workers and families.”

The third task is the revival of democracy, which is under threat: “We will use the power of our own example. We will call on other countries to implement key reforms, repeal bad laws, fight corruption, and root out unfair practices. We will encourage democratic behavior.”

The fourth item on the agenda is the creation of a humane and efficient immigration system. “One of the most important elements of our national identity. In recent years, we have begun to forget about this part of ourselves. It is necessary to return it,” Blinken stressed.

The fifth point is the revival of ties with allies and partners, which the Secretary of State called a “unique asset.” At the same time, he noted: “In a real partnership, the burden should be borne by everyone. Everyone has to contribute, not just us.”

The sixth point is the fight against climate change and the development of green energy. “The climate crisis is a threat to all of us and is costing us more every month, and we cannot solve this problem alone,” the Secretary of State said.

The seventh task is to ensure leadership positions in the field of technology. Blinken noted that it is necessary not only to develop technologies but also to take care that they make the world healthier and safer and contribute to the strengthening of democracy. Also, it is necessary to strengthen the defense potential in the field of technology.

The last point – relations with China – Blinken called “the main geopolitical test of the XXI century.” “China is the only country with strong economic, diplomatic, military, and technological resources capable of challenging a stable and open international system.”

“Our relationship with China will be competitive when appropriate, cooperative when possible, and hostile when necessary. And we will engage with China from a position of strength,” the Secretary of State stressed.

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