“Black Widow” will be postponed to a later date

Following the official announcement of the postponement of Wonder Woman 1984 from October to December, sources close to Warner Bros. Executives report that discussions are underway on what to do with the Black Widow premiere and cartoon by Pixar studio “Soul”. The reason for the change in the dates of the premieres is the worldwide distribution of Christopher Nolan’s film Argument. Due to the effects of the pandemic, the film raises less money at the box office than was planned. Therefore, firstly, the studio does not want to risk collecting other films, and secondly, it does not want to create competitors to “Tenet” in the struggle for viewers’ attention with its own hands.

It is assumed that “Black Widow” will be rescheduled from November to next year. It is not known how this will affect other MCU movies. Although “Black Widow” is a prequel, but Kevin Feige and his team have a whole concept in what order and with what intervals between them should be pictures. Therefore, the current postponement may affect the dates of the premieres of the films “The Eternals”, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

About Soul, insiders say that the studio plans to cancel the release in cinemas and launch the show immediately on the Disney + service. It is not yet known whether, in this case, viewers will be required to pay additional payment for viewing the novelty. Now, watching Mulan will cost Disney + subscribers an additional $ 30.

If information about these two transfers is officially confirmed, then the next blockbuster in theaters will be the film studio MGM “No Time to Die” about James Bond. At the moment, the premiere of the tape is scheduled for November 20.

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