“Black Widow” was described as a “powerful” film about the problems of women

In an interview with TotalFilm, Black Widow director Keith Shortland and co-star Florence Pugh described their film as a “painful but powerful” tale of abuse of women. Shortland said:

This is the only character without superpowers. In this, we see her strength because she always needs to give her all in order to get out of bad situations. And we really put her in various difficult situations.

Natasha looks like Jodie Foster’s Clarice in Silence of the Lambs. When she holds the gun, it shakes, but inside she is tough and tough. I wanted to convey these qualities to the character. When you look at her in various situations, you don’t just want to see her get out of them, you want to see her firmness and determination. And we did it.

The performer of the role of Elena Belova Florence Pugh in the same interview says:

One of the most interesting things about the movie is how far Kate went with him. This is a film about the abuse of women, about how they get forced hysterectomy. It’s about girls being stolen around the world. This is so painful and so important. These women are murderers, but they still need to discuss how they were abused. It’s incredibly powerful.