Black Friday. Americans broke the record

On the traditional day of major sales, US residents spent $ 7.4 billion on purchases in online stores and broke their record, Free News reports.

Of the $ 7.4 billion spent by the population of the United States this year on Black Friday, 2.9 billion came from purchases of goods using smartphones. In 2018, these figures were 6.22 and 2 billion dollars, respectively. Thus, the difference in the total amount exceeded $ 1 billion.

These data are obtained from the analysis of information from 80 of the hundreds of largest American retail chains. According to CNBC, retail sales in regular stores declined, reflecting a surge in online shopping.

Black Friday is still the busiest shopping day of the year. At the same time, “cyber Monday” is coming: last year, at such a time, American online stores sold goods for $7.9 billion per day, which remains an absolute record. However, it has a chance to update in 2019. According to analysts, now this amount can exceed $9 billion.

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