Birx is concerned that many Americans do not observe the social distance

The coordinator of the White House working group also expressed concern about the protests, participants of which do not wear masks.

Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House working group on coronavirus, expressed concern on Sunday that a large number of Americans are ignoring warnings to keep a safe distance from other people to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

At least half of the 50 state governors have begun opening public spaces, including parks, Golf courses, and some ocean beaches, and have allowed shopkeepers and beauty salons to reopen.

At the same time, no state has complied with the Original White House Directive that business reopening and people appearing in public places should be preceded by a continuous two-week decline in the number of cases of coronavirus.

Speaking on Fox News on Sunday, Birx said that Americans need to continue to wash their hands and try not to go out regularly.

According to her, the situation when thousands of people came to the Pacific beaches in California on Saturday was unsafe.

In some states, governors have allowed the reopening of hairdressing and nail salons. Birx positively assessed the instruction to employees and customers of these establishments to wear masks but noted that their compliance with the rules is not yet ideal.

She expressed alarm about the protests against restrictions on leaving the house, which took place in the capitals of some states, including Lansing, Michigan, because of crowds of people without masks.

“We need to protect each other,” she said.

Several American pharmaceutical companies have joined the ongoing work on creating a coronavirus vaccine by January next year.

“In theory, this is possible,” Birx said, commenting on such a tight deadline, but she could not guarantee that this schedule will be met.

About 66 thousand Americans died from the coronavirus. Birx refused to back down from the White House forecasts made in the early stages of the pandemic.

According to these forecasts, the epidemic will take the lives of 100-240 thousand people.

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