BioWare unveils new Mass Effect with mysterious trailer

At The Game Awards, BioWare fans were surprised with a new trailer for the next Mass Effect, which continues the story of the original trilogy.

In the trailer, players are symbolically guided through the galaxy, leaving Andromeda behind and showing the Mas-Relay station destroyed during the War of the Reapers. The journey ends on the icy planet in the Milky Way, where Liara finds the familiar N7 armor shard.

“Take a look at the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe. BioWare’s veteran team is in the early stages of development for the Mass Effect franchise, and we’re excited to show you where we’re going next, ”reads the trailer.

Apparently, the new Mass Effect will be a direct sequel to the original trilogy. But when the events of the new game unfold remains a mystery. Given that asari live for 1000 years, players may be sent to the very distant future after the War of the Reapers.

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