BioWare Names Major Gameplay Improvements In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

BioWare checked into the PlayStation Blog for more details on the improvements in the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The developers promised that they would improve the combat system in the first Mass Effect, and now gamers have revealed the full list of changes. The main thing is the ability to use any weapon with any class, improved accuracy and a separate button for melee attacks.

Full changelog:

  • Melee attacks are now tied to button presses, rather than automatically occurring based on proximity to an enemy.
  • The accuracy and controllability of the weapon has been significantly improved.
  • Removed weapon swaying from sniper rifles.
  • Improved aiming and view of the camera with tight scope.
  • Improved aiming aid for target acquisition.
  • All matching enemies now take headshot damage in the first game. Previously, some did not, including humanoid enemies.
  • Ammo mods can now drop throughout the game. Previously, they stopped falling at higher player levels. They can now also be bought from vendors.
  • All weapons can be used by any class without penalty.
  • Specializations are still class-specific.
  • The weapon cools down much faster.
  • Improved the use of Copper Gel.
  • Increased Liara’s bonus to cooldowns.
  • Items can now be marked as “Trash”.
  • All unwanted items can be converted to Omni-gel or sold directly to merchants.
  • Sorting functionality has been added to inventory and stores.
  • The balance of some abilities has been changed.

To all, the developers have added more cover in some areas and increased the experience gained during the game. So in the updated trilogy, it will be possible to reach the maximum level in the first playthrough. Players will also receive a bunch of improvements regarding the Mako: the car will be better controlled, and the shields will recharge faster.

BioWare also unified the character creation process, and now the same Shepard can be used for the entire trilogy. There are also additional settings for hair, skin and more.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is slated for May 14, 2021, for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Author: John Kessler
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