BioScience report: climate change is nearing critical

Researchers from the USA, Australia, UK, France, Netherlands, Bangladesh, and Germany have published an updated report on climate change.

Previously, scientists published a declaration on a climate emergency in the journal BioScience, signed by more than 11 thousand scientists from 153 countries. An international team of researchers has now published an update.

In the new document, the authors note an increase in natural disasters:

  • devastating floods,
  • droughts,
  • storms
  • forest fires.

The authors estimate that 2020 was the second hottest year on record, with the five hottest years after 2015.

There is growing evidence that we are approaching or have passed tipping points in important parts of the earth system such as coral reefs, the Amazon rainforest, and the ice sheets of West Antarctica and Greenland.

William Ripple, lead article author and professor of ecology

The authors note that the deterioration of the climate occurs annually, as humanity continues to use the resources of the Earth as usual.

Therefore, according to the authors, it is necessary to shift the priorities of the world energy towards a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, in particular methane, to create strategic climate reserves for carbon storage, to introduce payments for the use of carbon, and to take effective measures to protect biodiversity.

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