Billie Eilish’ family wanted to take her to a psychiatrist because of her love for Justin Bieber

Many fans of Billie Eilish are aware of her passion for Justin Bieber. However, the singer’s mother, Maggie O’Connell, in me & dad radio podcast said they even thought the girl would be sent for psychiatric treatment.

The woman admitted that she and her father Billie for some time seriously thought about taking her daughter to a psychologist and talking about her addiction for a long time. The fact is that Eilish was seriously worried because of the singer’s problems so much that she almost physically felt pain. At the same time, Billie herself was not enthusiastic about the fact that this story was brought to light and considers it rather humiliating.

Maggie O’Connell recalled that her daughter often cried while listening to As Long As You Love Me. Now the stars are friends and even recorded a joint track.