Billie Eilish spoke about her failed private life

Little was known about Billie Eilish’s personal life. However, in a new documentary, the singer finally shared her heartfelt experiences and talked about her ex-boyfriend Brandon Adamson relationship.

The film shows several shots of Billie and Brandon holding hands and talking on the phone. During a conversation with a guy, Eilish tells him: “I love you.”

However, as the film progresses, it becomes clear why Billie was disappointed in this relationship and broke it.

“I just wasn’t happy with them. I didn’t want what he wanted. I think it would be unfair. You should not be in a relationship when one is not interested in things that worry the other. It is not fair to you or him. We just tried little. In the end, I told him: “Dude, you do not have enough love for yourself. How can you love me while doing this? And you can’t. But you think you can, ” Billie said.

However, Eilish admitted that she still cannot forget Brandon. “I still love him, and it complicates things. I haven’t forgotten him and haven’t found another boyfriend. I never stopped loving him. I just haven’t seen him for a while. But I constantly thought: “Wow, I miss you so much, I worry about you all the time and at the same time I don’t want what you want, and you don’t want what I want.” But I don’t want to fix it. And I can’t. I tried it, ” said the singer.

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