Billie Eilish lost one hundred thousand subscribers due to explicit drawings

On New Year’s Eve, many celebrities willingly communicate with fans on Instagram, answering their questions and posting photos of interest to them.

Billie Eilish also did not stand aside. One of the star’s followers asked her to share a drawing that she is really proud of. The 19-year-old performer complied with the request, but this led to unexpected consequences.

Soon, the network noticed that after the publication of illustrations with images of a naked female body, Billy lost more than one hundred thousand followers. The singer captioned the sketch: “Probably this [drawing], I like breasts, lol.”

The loss of 100 thousand subscribers did not significantly affect the overall picture: it still has 72 million fans. Eilish reacted to the situation by posting a tweet to her fan’s story, who noticed the difference. It seems that the singer did not expect such a reaction to her drawings.

Earlier, Billy embarrassed subscribers with her childhood picture, in which she does not look like herself at all. And in November, the star boasted of her hidden talent: it turns out that she masterfully owns twerk.

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