Billie Eilish, Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara distribute vegan hamburgers to homeless people

This week, Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara and Billie Eilish helped activists from charity My Friend’s Place distribute vegan hamburgers to homeless youth in Los Angeles. Together with them were Billy’s parents – Maggie Braid and Patrick O’Connell.

In a comment to Variety, Joaquin and Rooney said, “At a time when most people are concerned about their health, Maggie figured out how to provide wholesome and nutritious food for those in need.”

“It’s amazing how our urge to help with food for those in need has grown into a real movement during covid. We thought it would be a job for several months, but it has become a volunteer movement operating for a year now. We distribute nutritious vegan food. People know it is plant-based, which is also good for the environment, so you want to do this business even more, ” said Maggie.

Her daughter Billy grew up a vegetarian, and in 2014 the young singer decided to go further and completely abandoned animal products. “It was easy for me to become a vegan because meat never mattered to me,” said Eilish.

Joaquin Phoenix has been a vegan since the age of three. The actor is seriously worried about the environmental situation in the world and climate change, which is partly related to animal husbandry. Last January, at his filing, the Oscars were “veganized.” According to Phoenix, the idea of ​​giving up food of animal origin came to him in early childhood, when he was fishing with his father and saw how the caught fish was tormented.

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