Billie Eilish is working on 16 new songs

Vanity Fair interviewed Billie Eilish. The star shared with reporters that she is now working on a new album. According to the singer, it will include as many as 16 tracks.

“At the moment I have 16 of them. We work, I like them all. We had a period (a month or so ago) when we kept sending messages to the label that this or that song was ready, ”says Billie Eilish.

The interview with Vanity Fair is not her usual one. The term “traditional” is more appropriate for this conversation with journalists. The fact is that Billie Eilish has been interviewing Vanity Fair every October since 2017. In this conversation, the singer answers questions that are repeated from year to year. This allows you to track the development of Billie Eilish’s creativity and her career. So, in 2017, she had 257 thousand followers on Instagram, and a year later – more than six million. In 2019, 40.7 million people signed up for Eilish. Now, in 2020, the singer’s Instagram has 67.5 million followers.

Eilish believes that over the past year, she has grown not only as a singer but also as a songwriter. The star admits that she really enjoys making music.

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