Billie Eilish in an offbeat outfit on a walk in Los Angeles

18-year-old singer Billie Eilish is known for her love of oversized clothes: the star does not wear evening dresses, skirts, and high-heeled shoes, and even at high-profile events prefer baggy clothes, mostly in bright colors or at least with catchy prints. However, the other day she suddenly decided to change her usual image and style and appeared in public in open clothes.

For a walk in Los Angeles, the multiple Grammy winner chose a skinny top and brown shorts. It was possible to recognize a star only by the color of her hair – she had not stopped dyeing them brightly yet.

Eilish explains her love for voluminous clothes by the fact that she wants people to first of all pay attention to her as a person, and not to her appearance. In addition, she admitted that she often faced criticism of her figure from former lovers, as a result of which she lost her self-confidence.

However, Billy’s new image clearly shows that she accepts herself for who she is and is not going to hide her body. She already demonstrated this in the spring in a video against body shaming, in which she undressed in front of the camera and responded to haters condemning her figure.