Billie Eilish gets hated over an old scandal

The singer did not have time to justify herself for an ambiguous clip on the verge of vulgarity, as she again flew in.

The listeners demand urgently to expel Billie Eilish from the musical Olympus. This time, the singer was reminded of a long-standing oversight that could now cost her a career.

Not so long ago, Eilish released a new video to the public. In the frame, Billy appeared in the company of a large number of women: everyone present was having fun, dancing and drinking. The singer herself, dressed rather frivolously, lit so that her magnificent bust almost fell out of her pajamas.

Even then, the audience recalled Billy’s words that she would not be naked for the sake of popularity. As soon as the hype around that video died down, the fans remembered Eilish’s racist statements.

Some particularly meticulous fans have found a video in which Billy refers to Asians with the offensive word chinks, mimicking their speech.

“Why are you making fun of the way Asians say? Where is your apology for this? Mocking Asians is disgusting ”,“ Why is this insane still popular ”,“ She should have been canceled for a long time ”,“ Guys, she has Tourette’s syndrome ”,“ Personally, Billie Eilish is starting to annoy me more and more ”,“ Welcome to the club canceled. From now on you cannot enter, ”they wrote angrily.

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