Billie Eilish explains why she hid her hair under a wig

Last month, Billie Eilish showed fans her new look – the 19-year-old singer went blonde. As it turned out, getting rid of the dark color was not easy for the performer, so for a couple of months, Billy wore a black and green wig, in which she appeared at the Grammy ceremony. Recently, answering questions from fans on Instagram, the singer revealed why she was hiding her hair.

“Because the dyeing took six weeks,” Billy wrote in one of the posts and accompanied him with her photo after the first stage of dyeing: then her hair took on a reddish tint. To achieve the desired colour and not spoil the hair, hairdresser Billy Lisa Renn performed several procedures. “The hair looks even better now than it used to be. They became so healthy, I did not expect, ” said Eilish. She also posted a video on TikTok in which she revealed that her black and green hair was not real. “It was intended that way. I have blond hair for two months already, ” she signed the video.

“It takes a long time if you do it right. It took us six weeks to get the blackout and not damage our hair. I also followed a rigorous grooming method. The result is amazing, ” said hairdresser Billy on her page.

Author: Sam Smith
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