Bill Gates responds to rumors of his involvement in the coronavirus pandemic

The spread of false rumors about vaccination can prolong the coronavirus epidemic, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in an interview with the German publication Suddeutsche Zeitung. He also again refuted publications about his alleged involvement in the pandemic.

“It’s a big challenge when people are looking for simple solutions. They wonder if someone is behind the pandemic,” he said.

The entrepreneur noted that his foundation has already faced people’s distrust of the vaccine.

“During the fight against polio in countries like Pakistan or Nigeria, there were rumors about the vaccine, that it is not safe and leads to infertility in women,” Gates added.

To combat such misconceptions, it is worth turning to influential people, representatives of society, or religious leaders with great authority. In his opinion, only they can explain the benefits of the vaccine to the population.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, theories about the billionaire’s alleged involvement in the pandemic have circulated in social networks and online media. Some portals and netizens wrote that Gates allegedly chips the Earth’s population by vaccination for global surveillance. Gates stressed that the conspiracy theories surrounding his conspiracy involvement are too stupid to be answered seriously.

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