Biden’s staff fears Trump’s impeachment will distract attention from the new administration

Representatives of the president-elect’s team “recommend other ways to punish Trump that would not distract attention from the first 100 days of Biden presidency.”

Representatives of the staff of the US President-elect, Democrat Joseph Biden, fear that the launch of impeachment proceedings against Republican Donald Trump will distract public attention, which the new administration expects in the first weeks of its work. This was reported on Sunday by CNN, citing sources close to the Democrats’ headquarters.

The TV company notes that Biden personally and through his advisers is negotiating with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and other senior representatives of the Democratic Party to find a compromise solution regarding the future of Trump. According to CNN, the Democrat’s headquarters are afraid that “the new administration may get bogged down in the impeachment procedure.” In this regard, representatives of the team of the president-elect “recommend other ways to punish Trump, which would not distract attention from the first 100 days of the Biden presidency.”

In particular, Congressman James Clyburn (Democrat from South Carolina) believes that Pelosi could delay submitting articles for the impeachment of Trump to the lower house of Congress. In his opinion, this can be done after US lawmakers approve the package of economic measures proposed by Biden in the context of the pandemic and approve the candidates nominated by the Democrats for senior positions in US federal agencies.

Along with this, CNN points out that representatives of the Biden team consider other options for action against Trump, which would enjoy “greater support from both parties” than impeachment.

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