Biden’s new coronavirus test came back negative

Representatives of the former Vice President of the United States previously promised to publish the results of all his tests for COVID-19.

Another test for the presence of a new type of coronavirus, taken from the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, gave a negative result. This is stated in a statement issued on Friday by the election headquarters of the politician.

“Former Vice President Biden today underwent a PCR test for the new coronavirus disease COVID-19. And COVID-19 was not detected,” the message says.

Earlier, the headquarters informed about the negative results of two PCR tests taken from the Democrat on Thursday night and directly on Thursday. Additional analysis was required in connection with the coronavirus infection of a person on board the plane this week at the same time as the US presidential candidate. There is no danger to the politician’s health; he will not be quarantined, the Democrat’s headquarters said.

Biden’s representatives previously promised to publish the results of all his coronavirus tests. On October 2, the politician announced that he and his wife Jill had passed tests. The results were negative. Similar information was released on October 10.