Biden’s act was considered a public insult to his wife

Social media users were outraged by a video showing American President Joe Biden leaving in an unknown direction during a speech by his wife Jill.

The footage was published by the C-SPAN TV channel. The head of the White House and the first lady came to the school in Washington to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and vaccination with students and parents.

During the speech of his wife, the president, standing next to her, turned around and walked away. He returned to her after a while, some viewers considered this gesture a public insult to a woman.

“Look, he leaves, and his wife continues to talk. <…> He shamed her,” wrote one of the Twitter users.

“But seriously, where did he go?” others asked.

“Probably, he just got bored,” the viewer joked.

“You don’t know why Biden left the frame. Maybe someone needed to talk to him urgently,” they suggested in the comments.

Some also admitted that the U.S. president decided to move away because of the bright sun.

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34 thoughts on “Biden’s act was considered a public insult to his wife”

  1. Why doesn’t Mrs Biden see that there is something wrong with the President. Is she keeping a blind eye so he can stay as President and her First Lady? Our country is falling apart we need a great leader not a puppet. His administration says who he can talk to and what questions he can answer. They are so scared he will say something off the wall that makes no sense. American we need help

  2. Old wrinkled white guy has Alzheimer’s – these people walk away like that. He was told to go back by someone in the doorway ♥️PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP IS STILL MY PRESIDENT ♥️

  3. The people that take up for this idiot are all morerons there to wound up in being a Democrat that they see nothing wrong with what the Democratic party is doing to this nation what a shame

  4. My son said he heard the music of the ice cream truck so that’s why he left! Lol seriously that’s what lot of people with dementia do they just wander aimlessly!

  5. Mrs. Biden is not a good wife to her husband. Spouses are to look out for one another, protect each other…even from embarrassing themselves. She doesn’t do that. Shame on her.

  6. He is also an old Wrinkle white guy. I don’t know how come you had to say White that’s how things get started. What you won’t back is a bully he believes people to get what he wants but he won we don’t need that either. I admit that he does have an issue most likely Alzheimer’s but guess what 1 day you might have that too and you’re bullied Might have that or either worse So please consider your words next time or are you a Bully also?

  7. America is disgraced by this shell of a man. Seems like a bad joke. The viedo I seen he took off after a ice cream truck. Dumbass


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