Biden won the primaries in most states

The former Vice President is getting closer to getting the necessary number of delegates to the Convention for the Democratic nomination.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who is heading for the Democratic presidential nomination, won primaries in seven states, including Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota, receiving new delegates to the party’s Convention.

On Tuesday, primaries were held in eight states and the District of Columbia.

Maryland, which sends 96 delegates to the Convention, brings Biden even closer to the coveted number of 1991 delegates that he needs to get to guarantee the nomination as the official party candidate. At the same time, no other candidate who is still on the ballot is approaching the 15 percent threshold to get delegates into their piggy bank.

South Dakota sends 16 delegates to the Convention. There are 34 delegates at stake in New Mexico.

Earlier on Tuesday, Biden won in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Results from Idaho and the District of Columbia have not yet been received.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have a President Donald Trump is waging a campaign without competitors.

Author: John Kessler
Graduated From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, worked in various little-known media. Currently is an expert, editor and developer of Free News.
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