Biden will nominate the mayor of Boston to the post of Minister of Labor

The President-elect considers the governor of Rhode Island as the top candidate for the Secretary of Commerce.

President-elect Joe Biden will soon announce Marty Walsh’s nomination, the mayor of Boston, for the post of Secretary of Labor. This was reported on Thursday by several American news agencies.

According to the same sources, Biden will nominate Gina Raimondo, the governor of Rhode Island, for the post of Secretary of Commerce.

Walsh, who represented Massachusetts in the Lower House of Congress for 17 years, was twice elected mayor of Boston and has extensive experience working with labor unions. Previously, he was head of the Boston Association of trade unions of builders.

Walsh’s candidacy was supported by the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Still, other major unions, including the United Auto Workers Union and the Utility Workers Union, announced support for another candidate for the post of Secretary of Labor – Congressman from Michigan Andy Levin.

Biden and Walsh have known each other for years. Joe Biden spoke during Walsh’s inauguration ceremony as mayor of Boston after his re-election to a second term. At the time, he called Marty Walsh, “a man of extraordinary character” and “incredible courage.”

Gina Raimondo, twice elected governor of Rhode Island, previously served as State Treasurer, and before that was involved in venture capital investments. If confirmed in the Senate, Raimondo will likely coordinate with Janet Yellen, whom Biden has nominated for Treasury Secretary.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden announced candidates’ names for the post of Attorney General and three other heads of the Department of Justice.

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