Biden will name the first Cabinet members on Tuesday

Biden will announce appointments to key posts in his administration on November 24.

Earlier, Jen Psaki, an adviser to the democratic transition team, said that the appointments would be announced during the coming week.

Democrat Joseph Biden will announce appointments to key positions in his future US administration on November 24. This was announced on Sunday on ABC by Ron Klain, whom Biden appointed chief of the White House staff.

“The first Cabinet nominees will be announced on Tuesday,” Klain said. “If you want to know who will head specific departments, you will have to wait until the President-elect himself names them on Tuesday,” he added. Kline was the Vice President’s chief of staff and adviser from 2009 to 2011 when Biden was President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, and from 1995 to 1999, when bill Clinton’s Vice President was Albert Gore.

Democratic transition team adviser Jen Psaki, who headed the State Department’s press office, did not give such a definite answer to the same question on CNN. According to Psaki, the appointments will be announced during the coming week.

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