Biden welcomed the adoption of the draft electoral reform by the House of Representatives

The President expressed confidence that the initiative will help protect future elections.

US President Joe Biden on Thursday welcomed the passage of the For the People Act (or H. R. 1), which was approved by the House of Representatives the day before. The bill provides for radical reforms to protect the rights of voters and improve the security of elections.

“Against the backdrop of the recent unprecedented attack on our democracy, an unprecedented coordinated attempt to ignore, undermine and destroy the will of the American people, and a new wave of aggressive attacks on voting rights in several states across the country, I express my admiration for Speaker Pelosi and the House of Representatives for passing H. R. 1, the Law in the Interests of the People,”

Biden said.

“The right to vote is sacred and fundamental. This is the right from which all our other rights flow. This historic law is sorely needed to protect this right, ensure the integrity of our elections, and restore and strengthen our democracy. It will tame the outrageous practice of redrawing electoral districts that distorts our democracy. It will give the Justice Department the ability to crack down hard on laws that restrict the right to vote on racial grounds. He is reforming our campaign finance system to strengthen the people’s voices, not those in power. It will modernize the electoral system and protect our future elections from all kinds of threats,” the President said.

“I will be happy to work with Congress to finalize and advance this important bill. And I look forward to signing it after it passes the legislative process so that together we can strengthen and restore American democracy for the upcoming elections and all those that follow,”

Joe Biden said.

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