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Biden wants to create a judicial reform commission

The presidential candidate stressed that this is not only due to the expansion of the Supreme Court.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden will convene a bipartisan commission of scientists to study the issue of reform of the Federal judicial system and stressed that it would not only be about expanding the composition of the Supreme Court.

The former Vice President revealed his plans in an interview with CBS’s “60 minutes:” which is scheduled to air this weekend. Excerpts from the interview were published.

According to Biden, the Commission will include experts on the Constitution from among Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives.

“I will ask them to submit recommendations on how to reform the judicial system within 180 days because due to what is happening now, it is failing. And this is not just about expanding the court,” Biden added.

Some on the left have suggested that if Biden wins, the number of Supreme Court justices should be increased to restore the balance between liberals and conservatives that have been displaced by recent appointments.

Republicans condemned the idea.

On Thursday, the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee approved the President’s proposed nominee for justice, Amy Coney Barrett, to serve on the Supreme Court for life, paving the way for a full Senate debate and vote.

If President Trump’s nominee is confirmed, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court will increase to 6 votes out of 9.

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